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Body Sculpting Treatments



Skin Tightening & Body Firming

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Bothered with your sagging skin? Visit us today for skin tightening and body firming therapy. We use RF to induce collagen and elastin in your skin to make it firm and tight.

Spot Therapy

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Perfect type therapy to help you reduce fat in specific body spots such as upper arms, tummy, and thighs among others. Works best for those who do not want to lose weight.

Wood Therapy

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Break down fat and loosen up your tight muscles with this Asian therapy that applies different wooden massages like tools to break down your body fat. This will speed up your metabolism, body circulation and lymphatic drainage!

Detox therapy

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This offers instant results! Just as you like it. Using a combination of G5 vibrating massager and slimming massage, the therapy increases blood circulation to targeted areas and breaks down the fat due to improved metabolism, while the slimming massage drains and removes toxins and excess water in the body, making you lose weight.

Cold Laser

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Different wavelengths and outputs of low-level light are applied directly to a targeted area in this therapy. The beam lights are used to target fat cells in your body making them permeable hence shrinking faster. This procedure is painless, non-invasive and saves time.

Slim in One

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This breaks down your fat using cavitation, Radiofrequency and Vacuum methods giving you the toned body that you desire.Cavitation will break down the fat, RF will help improve your blood circulation that will make body metabolism rise. When your body metabolism rises you burn calories easily, and the Vacuum will be used to drain and remove broken fat, toxins and excess water from the body through the help of the lymphatic system. This will ensure that the broken fat, toxins and excess water will exit the body through the skin(sweating), and urine while other broken fats will be utilized as energy during exercise. The last proce- dure here is wood therapy that would cause you to experience relaxation, alleviate tight muscles, and leave you with a smoother skin.