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Nail Extensions



Nail Stickers/Stones

Duration: Charges: KES 500

This will give you a fresh look that’s long-lasting and affordable. Comes in different patterns and shapes that will leave your nails sparkling.

Gum Gel

Duration: Charges: KES 3,500

Easy to apply and shape the extensions. This innovative gum gel makes you appear unique and is consistently thick making it more flexible.


Duration: Charges: KES 3,500

Protect your nails while making them look natural
and last longer. It is applied on top of your nail.

Stick ons

Duration: Charges: KES 2,000

Great alternative for you if pressed on time for a nail salon appointment. Comes in different styles, sizes and colour giving you the freedom to choose what fits you best.

Tips and Gel

Duration: Charges: KES 2,500

This will give you a stylish and sturdy look and feel.

Ombre Nails

Duration: Charges: KES 4,000

Stand out from the crowd by blending different colour tones with Ombre nails. Comes in two tones if you want a glossier look but you can pick from multiple colours set for a perfect glow.

Acrylic Refill

Duration: Charges: KES 2,500

Easily get a new look and feel without removing your acrylic nail. This involves filing off the existing colour and removing any lifting. Nails are filed and shaped to perfection, and a new coat of colour is applied. You can choose to change the shape of the nail or take the length down.

Acrylic Gel

Duration: Charges: KES 4,000

This gives you a more glossy and natural appearance than acrylic nails. Works well for you, across all seasons.

Refill of builder gel overlay

Duration: Charges: KES 2,000

Builder Gel overlay

Duration: Charges: KES 3,500

Worry no more if you have weak nail beds or don’t have the patience to grow them long naturally. This builder gel overlay will get you sorted. The process is quick and easy and will give you polished, glamorous looking and long-lasting nails